Our process

Creating your personalized financial plan takes diligence and an orderly process to ensure your information is gathered, all solutions are considered and details are addressed.

Step 1 – Fit Assessment

We ask about your goals, investment objectives and investment concerns you have. We produce a draft retirement plan and answer your questions. This service is complimentary to friends of our clients; we will not be selling anything, just listening.

Step 2 – Planning

We take all your information gathered in step one, carefully analyze it and develop your personalized wealth management plan based upon your specific criteria.

Step 3 – Moving Forward

Once we’ve answered your questions and we decide to work together, we implement your plan.

Step 4 – Ongoing Communication

We will speak with you on a regular basis, to update your plan based on changes in markets, the economy, and your evolving needs. Regular reviews are critical to ensure your portfolio remains consistent with your changing needs, tax situation and risk tolerance.