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What Sets Us Apart:

Your Well-Being Defines Our Every Move  

At Wood Tarver Financial, We Strive to Offer You 

Something Drastically Different
from the Industry Norm

While transforming Wall Street is not in our immediate reach, we can provide an oasis for investors seeking a customized, relationship-oriented experience in Boise, Idaho. Unlike other firms, the core of our work is fueled by a sense of purpose.

How WE Work

How They Work

We are fiduciaries, legally bound to always act in your best interest.   

NOT required to act in your best interest

We do not use proprietary products.  

Sell proprietary products, even if it's not best for you

A simple, transparent cost structure.

Hidden fees, kickbacks and commissions

Ongoing communication with your CPA and attorney on changes to your plan.

No coordination with your CPA or Attorney

Here’s a Bit About How We Redefine
the Management of Wealth:

We Utilize a Planning-Driven Process 

A successful financial plan mirrors your life plans and ambitions. Our process involves coming to understand these overarching goals and aligning every aspect of your wealth with them. 

Your Needs Are Our Focus

As fiduciaries, our team is held to a high standard of integrity. We do not recommend proprietary investments, nor do we earn commissions or hidden fees. Your best interest is our unwavering commitment.

Considering You as a Partner

We treat and view you as more than a client. Working with us means we embrace you as a partner and part of our Wood Tarver family. You’ll have an advisor on call to answer your questions and walk through financial challenges — together. 

Contributing to Our Community 

As mission-oriented individuals, our team and clients aim to make a positive difference. With a pay-it-forward mindset, together we amplify change through actions such as matching donations and hosting food drives.

At Wood Tarver Financial,
we Strive to Offer You

Emerging Wealth

$350K - $750k

Investable Assets

Private Wealth Management

$750K - $2MM

Investable Assets



Investable Assets

Do Our Values Mirror Your Own?

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