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NestEgg News - April 2021 Thumbnail

NestEgg News - April 2021

The Dow Jones (30 biggest companies in America) reached new highs last month based in part on optimism for President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure spending plan. Markets were also confident about increased vaccination rates and “herd immunity” potentially in early.

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NestEgg News - February 2021 Thumbnail

NestEgg News - February 2021

The U.S. stock market rallied to new highs earlier this month based on optimism of a post Covid-19 economy later this year. We are seeing a softening in the stock market the past week, especially with technology stocks. The recent selloff is in part related to rising interest rates on federal bonds.

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NestEgg News - January 2021 Thumbnail

NestEgg News - January 2021

2020 presented us with unique challenges. Never has a series of events had such wide-ranging repercussions as the Covid-19 pandemic combined civil and political unrest.

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What the Election Means for Investors Thumbnail

What the Election Means for Investors

With the election now less than 40 days away, investors are turning their attention to the November 3 ballot. Amid COVID-19 infections, a battered economy and civil unrest the election results are uncertain.

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