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NestEgg News December 2021 Thumbnail

NestEgg News December 2021

Our S&P500 stock market hit an all-time high today with the Dow Jones being close behind. This despite the market’s obsession the past 2 weeks with Omicron-COVID. There are signs our economy could be equally strong in 2022. Current concerns with non-COVID issues of inflation, interest rates, unemployment and gas prices may be shorter term and dissipate as the year progresses.

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NestEgg News November  2021 Thumbnail

NestEgg News November 2021

The markets experienced additional volatility, as it has periodically over the past 10 days as the world begins to understand the Omicron virus which is emerging from south Africa. The markets are concerned the new variant could produce another round of social restrictions which could again impede continued economic progress, resulting in another economic slowdown.

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NestEgg News October 2021 Thumbnail

NestEgg News October 2021

The most closely watched economic indicator today is inflation. The federal bank has made it a top priority to manage inflation during the next year. Inflation is like the villain Spectre in the latest Bond movie – No Time to Die. They both like to steal from the economically vulnerable. This is a particularly painful trend, as it acts as a hidden tax to lower income families, already beset with COVID disruptions to children’s school, low pay, work, and daycare. Here are some of the issues contributing to inflation.

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NestEgg News - September 2021 Thumbnail

NestEgg News - September 2021

September and October come with a history of market volatility. We witnessed a reminder of this earlier this week when the Federal Bank reiterated concerns about continued inflation. The bank has been talking about inflation for the past several months, so it’s a bit surprising the markets reacted so sharply to Monday’s news release.

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NestEgg News - June 2021             Thumbnail

NestEgg News - June 2021

Inflation has NOT been a persistent and serious threat to the economy since the 1970s and early 1980s. In the past 30 years there have been 8 periods where economists predicted high inflation. Including today.

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