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Estate Planning Thumbnail

Estate Planning

The coronavirus pandemic has created a surge of interest in estate planning. According to Google Trends, searches for the term are at a year-to-date high. Some important issues have arisen because of the pandemic. These include allowing intubation and using internet-based communications, such as Zoom or WebEx, rather than meeting…

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COVID-19 Risks: Know Them, Avoid Them Thumbnail

COVID-19 Risks: Know Them, Avoid Them

Maybe your trip to the grocery store is not so dangerous as you may fear. A professor helps you understand when, where and how you are most at risk for being infected by the virus and how to play it safe as states begin to open their economies. Editor’s note: Erin…

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Market Update June 2020 Thumbnail

Market Update June 2020

U.S. stocks are finishing a solid rally for May, with the markets appearing cautious ahead of an expected press conference from President Donald Trump. The President is expected to address China's approval of new security laws against Hong Kong that has intensified tensions between the world's two largest economies. A…

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The Cycle of Market Emotions Thumbnail

The Cycle of Market Emotions

Sometimes an image conveys an idea more efficiently than many words. Here's one reflecting the times we are going through. All of us can find ourselves on this graph. This chart is a powerful reminder about the unreliability of our emotions as a guide to investment decisions. Warren Buffett, the…

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Matching Donations In Response to COVID-19 Thumbnail

Matching Donations In Response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Wood Tarver Financial will match every donation made until Wednesday, May 20th to the following charities: Boise Rescue Mission Interfaith Sanctuary Women's & Children's Alliance Boys and Girls Club Humane Society United Way Salvation Army City of Good Please send us confirmation…

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Stuff to Do While Quarantined – Organize Your Estate Thumbnail

Stuff to Do While Quarantined – Organize Your Estate

Several clients have asked for help organizing their estates during the quarantine. It is one of the things we all procrastinate on. If it is been bothering you, now might be the time to get started. Get Organized Find your estate documents (we are happy to store an electronic copy).…

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