Today is the day we start thinking about your 2018 taxes. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2018 represents the largest change to individual and corporate taxes in recent history. A sample of changes:


  • Reduction of marginal tax rates for many of 3%
  • Increase of Standard deduction to 12,000 (single) / 24,000 (married)
  • A maximum deduction of $10,000 for State and Local Tax (SALT)
  • Your mortgage interest payments may not be tax deductible
  • Your charitable contributions may not be tax deductible
  • Your medical expenses just became harder to deduct
  • Investment costs for IRA’s are no longer deductible

Business owners:

  • Entertainment expenses are no longer deductible
  • Reduction of marginal tax rates for a portion of your income



  • It may make more sense to pay off your mortgage
  • Roth IRA’s can be a better option
  • Health Savings Accounts can be a powerful tool

Business Owners:

  • Can your entertainment costs be reconfigured to be educational?
  • Will your corporation benefit by moving from an S corporation to a C corporation?


Our markets the past 9 weeks are as volatile as I can remember. 300-point swings in the market have been the new normal and 1,000-point changes are no longer abnormal. The primary contributor to current market volatility is the potential for a trade war via tariffs. Our stock markets strongly dislike any barriers to free trade and respond with vigor each time tariffs are discussed. Because the tariff conversation is part of a bigger strategy to negotiate with our Chinese trading partners to better respect intellectual property, particularly in the technology field, we don’t feel this conversation goes away soon. However, there is a long history of American administrations threatening trade wars, and very very seldom are they implemented. We feel a similar outcome will occur this time as well, and when the Intellectual Property negotiations are complete, tariff talk will evaporate. We will continue to experience market volatility in the meantime.


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We recently launched a new service called Purpose Planning, where we assist you in identifying and prioritizing your Purpose. We have received complimentary feedback on this. Our program follows the good work of George Vaillant’s research in “Triumphs and Experience”, the longest study on aging. He follows the lives of 1929 freshman at Harvard and studied them for over 70 years. The most important determinate to successful retirement was the individual’s ability to find purpose in their life. By purpose, we mean a reason to get up in the morning, more than simply keeping busy, including an identity that provides a sense of accomplishment


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