Midway through second quarters earning season, we are seeing record earnings from domestic corporations as they continue to benefit from a vibrant economy and 2018 tax reductions. Our stock and bond markets have continued the normal volatility we experienced in the first quarter, primarily due to domestic discussions around tariffs, global economic uncertainty and the potential for three interest rate increases from the federal bank this year. We continue to believe blue chip stocks and short term, high quality bonds are well positioned for the second half of the year.




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We recently tweaked our NESTEGG Score to be a bit more comprehensive. Make sure we update your score next time we talk.




  • INVESTMENTS: Wealth begins and ends with investments. We need cost/tax efficient investments providing confidence during volatile times and growth during strong markets.
  • FAMILY: Ensuring we consider needs of your parents, children or others you care about
  • TAXES: Optimize our investments and planning with recent tax changes in mind
  • PLANNING – FINANCIAL/RETIREMENT: Plan for your financial future and retirement. Consider monthly expenses, medical costs, bucket list activities and family.
  • CHARITABLE PLANNING: How to give in the most tax efficient manner
  • ESTATE PLANNING: Protect your estate and distribute per your desires
  • HEALTH/ MEDICAL: Include medical costs in our planning and ensure you are active, engaged and spiritually connected so you enjoy your hard-earned retirement.

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