In December of last year, economists were concerned about a possible market recession in the fall of 2019. This was based on some underwhelming government economic indicators. Economic data so far this year has been more optimistic and the stock markets have rebounded nicely. Our markets have a tendency to over react to economic data. Markets will go through cycles taking us to new highs and markets will also enter periods of volatility. Remember to stick with the plan crafted for your personal situation.

Leprechaun Lily Jo reminds you, don’t let volatility ‘trick’ you into making a haste financial decision.


Best Local Brunch?

Cathy Jo and I are on a search for the best brunch in Boise. So far, Red Feather is our favorite. The Creme Brulee Oatmeal and Beignets are delicious! If there is another great place we should try, please share!


All the talk on new tax rules is becoming reality. If you are surprised by how much you owe, or how much you’re getting back, please let us know. We can help you make adjustments for 2019. You can still make IRA & Roth contributions for 2018 up until April 15th.

Also, if you were unable to deduct your charitable contributions last year, let us know, we may have an idea or two.


Our move to fiduciary has been very well received. Although we have never taken higher compensation on certain investments, received commissions or used proprietary investments, being legally held to the new higher fiduciary standard has been well received. We always have and always will put your needs above all others.

Junk Mail

If you are tired of getting fund prospectuses, stock year end reports, etc. in the mail, let us know. We can help eliminate them.

Book Review:

I just finished How to Retire Happy, Wild & Free. It’s the best retirement book I’ve read. Whether you plan on retiring in the next few years or you’ve been retired for years, it’s a great read. If you would like a copy let us know.

Cliff notes:

  • Have a purpose in retirement
  • Be involved in your community: nonprofit, church, charitable
  • Indulge in your hobbies
  • Spend time with family
  • Be physically active: at least one 35-minute walk, 4 times per week
  • Stay mentally active: Bridge, Osher institute, volunteer

The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah is the best book I’ve read since All the Light We Cannon See. It would be a great Mother’s Day Gift!

I hope you’ve found this to be educational and helpful. As we always emphasize, it is our job to assist you! If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything in further detail please give us a call. As always, feel free to pass this on to someone important to you.

Thank you very much for the trust and confidence you’ve placed in our team.

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