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Who We Help

Our Purpose Planning Process

PURPOSE PLANNING aligns your PURPOSE with your financial plan and your investments. It is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized approach to optimizing the probability of your success. We have been doing this for individuals and institutions for more than 15 years.

Every recommendation we make is based solely on helping you achieve your personal goals.

At Wood Tarver, we:

  • Will communicate with you as often as you need. Usually 4 times per year.
  • Do not offer proprietary mutual funds or hedge funds. There is no conflict of interest. We select investments considered best-in-class for your needs. Our compensation is the same regardless of which investments we recommend.
  • Coordinate financial planning, estate planning, investment management and risk management, all in-house.
  • Have a comprehensive advisory team specializing in helping you retire.

Wood Tarver has the expertise to help a wide range of clients in order to provide the best possible advisory services. Our clients’ needs are very different. That’s why we created three distinct groups.  

Emerging Wealth

$350K - $750k

Investable Assets


$750K - $2MM

Investable Assets

Private Wealth Management


Investable Assets

You Are More Than Just A Client

Your experience working with us will likely be very different than other firms.

We treat you as a partner, more than as a client.  You will have an experienced wealth management advisor as your day-to-day contact, one who will always be available to discuss changes to your goals, investment strategies, answer your questions, and be by your side.

You are More Than Just a Client Boise, ID | Wood Tarver Financial

What's your NestEgg Score? Boise, ID | Wood Tarver Financial

What's Your NESTEGG Score?

By identifying your NESTEGG score, we can identify areas in which you are doing well and other areas in which we may help you improve. And it makes no difference whether you are saving and investing for retirement or if you’ve already retired, your NESTEGG score can play an invaluable role in helping you plan for your financial future.

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